How You Can Empower The Youth & Women of Africa

With over 70% of the people in Africa being under the age of 30 years, there’s need for the youth to be actively involved in development and economic activities of the continent
The ratio of male to female labor force participation rates is higher in Sub-Saharan Africa, these high rates of male labor force participation mask underlying challenges for women. In addition, youth unemployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa are double those of adult unemployment.

Our main objective is to;

  • Offer training to youth and women on how to use emerging technologies to solve societal problems.
  • Support personal and professional development of young people and help them unlock their potential through both formal and non-formal learning.
  • Provide sanitary towels to girls and women who cannot afford them.
  • Sensitize youth against drug abuse and misuse.

Let us promote the African Women & Youth

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