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Community Health and Bereavement Fund is currently soliciting funds to cater for HIV/Aids and other incurable diseases, Off settingHospital Bills, holding of community medical camps, Community Empowerment to the youth through sustainable agriculture and entrepreneurship courses in Kiambu County.
Most members of the community who suffer from the above-mentioned diseases are unable to earn their living while being under medication. In such situations, the family of the affected victims becomes poorer for most of their time they concentrate with the ailing person.
Statistics show that young people in the age bracket of 40 years and below are the most affected, meaning they depend on the older who are above 50 years. Families of these victims are suffering heavy losses due to offsetting hospital bills, Nursing, providing for food and supporting children to be in school. The situation even worsens when the victim succumbs to the disease leaving the family with nothing and in most cases the lands, businesses and livestock act as collateral to pay for the medical expenses.

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